13th Column


Calendar Change Splinter Group


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The foremost purpose of the 13th Column is to promote the world wide adoption of a 13 month Calendar. The rational for this revolutionary activity is thus outlined:

  1. The importance of the calendar as a mechanism for control cannot be over emphasized.
  2. It is not appropriate that a global calendar should reference the beliefs of a particular culture.
  3. The simplicity of a 13 month calendar reveals an absence of cultural bias.

The 13 month calendar shall be structured as follows:

  1. The solar year shall be divided into 13 months.
  2. Each month shall be divided into 4 weeks.
  3. The week shall be 7 days long.
  4. 4 x 7 = 28 : 28 x 13 = 364 : 364 + 1 Day Out of Time = 365
  5. The Day Out of Time is a day without number.
  6. Every 52 years the ¼ day lost each year shall comprise a thirteen day Planetary Jubilee.
  7. The last day of the old time is December 21st 2012

The 13th Column is a splinter group of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. Inspired by the early political propaganda of the time revolutionary Jose Arguelles, the 13c was formed in reaction to the celebratory excess of the Northern California calendar change advocates.


The 13c denounces the emphasis on the esoteric aspects of Dreamspell, Rinri, 7:7::7:7 etc…

The 13c denounces the concept of a 13 month calendar that uses Gregorian Leap years instead of the 13 day Planetary Jubilee, uses July 25th as the Day Out of Time, and uses names or ethnic symbols to describe the days of a planetary calendar.

The 13c denounces the emphasis on portraying the 13 month calendar as a lunar calendar or a Mayan calendar.

The 13c does not expect to convert masses or correct the errors of the mainstream of Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. A means must be found to lead the Financial institutions with the computer technology they depend, to an acceptance of the New Time.